S O N   V O L T

The second evolution from Uncle Tupelo.

This band, initially consisting of former Uncle Tupelo members Jay Farrar (guitar, vocals, songwriting) and Mike Heidorn (drums), along with Dave Boquist (guitar, banjo, fiddle, lap steel) and his brother Jim Boquist (bass, backing vocals) have remained truest to the old Uncle Tupelo sound, blending beautiful, quiet and often stark acoustic songs with noisy, searing country-punk flavored rock songs, all fueled by Jay's timeless and incomparable voice. They're still the only band around that can make me weep at the beauty of some of their songs as well as damage my hearing during the same show.

The current lineup as of 2007 is Jay, Dave Bryson (drums), Derry DeBorja (keyboards), Andrew Duplantis (bass, backing vocals) and Brad Rice (guitar on the new album The Search) and Chris Masterson (touring guitarist). We had feared taht the band was pretty much a thing of the past; Jay was doing solo work with various backup musicians, and Mike Heidorn has once again retired from the music business. Fortunately the band is back, albeit a different one, but they're sounding fantastic.

As we're dependent on the kindness of strangers for the chord/tab transcriptions (the guts of this page), the page is always incomplete ... but we're workin' on it.

Jay's current web site is at jayfarrar.net, so keep an eye on that for more details on his current goings-on.

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Chord, tab and lyric transcriptions

If you've figured out any songs that I don't have linked here, please send them in!


Songs from Trace

  1. "Windfall"
  2. "Live Free"
  3. "Tear-Stained Eye"
  4. "Route"
  5. "Ten Second News"
  6. "Drown"
  7. "Loose String"
  8. "Out of the Picture"
  9. "Catching On"
  10. "Too Early"
  11. "Mystifies Me"


Songs from Straightaways

  1. "Caryatid Easy"
  2. "Back Into Your World"
  3. "Picking Up The Signal"
  4. "Left A Slide"
  5. "Creosote"
  6. "Cemetery Savior"
  7. "Last Minute Shakedown"
  8. "Been Set Free"
  9. "No More Parades"
  10. "Way Down Watson"


Songs from Wide Swing Tremolo

  1. "Straightface"
  2. "Driving the View"
  3. "Jodel"
  4. "Medicine Hat"
  5. "Strands"
  6. "Flow"
  7. "Dead Man's Clothes"
  8. "Right On Through"
  9. "Chanty"
  10. "Carry You Down"
  11. "Question"
  12. "Streets That Time Walks"
  13. "Hanging Blue Slide"
  14. "Blind Hope"


Songs from Sebastopol

If you've figured out any of the songs from this new album, please send 'em in!

  1. "Feel Free"
  2. "Clear Day Thunder"
  3. "Voodoo Candle"
  4. "Barstow"
  5. "Damn Shame"
  6. "Damaged Son"
  7. "Prelude (Make It Alright)"
  8. "Dead Promises"
  9. "Feed Kill Chain"
  10. "Make It Alright"
  11. "Fortissimo Wah"
  12. "Drain"
  13. "Different Eyes"
  14. "Outside The Door"
  15. "Equilibrium"
  16. "Direction"
  17. "Vitamins"
Special thanks to song transcribers Frank Crockard, John Erlinger, Mike Hattem, Tyler Ingram, Jim Kirby, Marcel Levi, Nathan Milner, Timothy Minneci, Willie Seibert, Stan Tangeman, Neil W. Young, and especially Dave Shapiro; to Brian Moore, and to lyrics tweaker Amy Tompkins.

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