Here's my nifty new Google SiteSearch box. Search the entire site (including recipes and the Looka! weblog) or the site for "Down Home" radio show playlists.

A word of advice: do not enter the word "gumbo" in the search field. If you do, you might get some recipes but it will also return every single page on this site, because my address,, appears on every page and will result in a match. (Sorry 'bout that.) If you're looking for gumbo recipes, look here.



Here's the old-school search box, which I leave here for old times' sake.

Enter the search term(s) or keyword(s) in the form below. To the right of the "Search" button is a list of options; you can search the entire site, just the recipe, just the Looka! weblog or just "Down Home" playlists.

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