Again, the subject of endless debate ... what is the best recipe for crawfish étouffée? Roux or no roux? Tomato no tomato? We could go on forever ... it's one of those dishes where there is no one definitive recipe, but chances are that whichever one you try will be good, if not great. Then you can start getting persnickety yourself. Roux or no roux, tomato or no tomato ...

In any case, here are a few recipes I've collected. They're all wonderful. Try 'em and see which one you like the best.

Note: if you are unable to find crawfish in your area, you can substitute shrimp for this dish. Remember that if you do this, though, the end result is NOT crawfish étouffée, but, of course, shrimp étouffée. Note that some of them call for a quantity of crawfish fat. This can be difficult to find outside of Louisiana, and even within Louisiana if there aren't crawfish ponds right nearby. Butter makes an acceptable substitute. (If you really want to get fancy, dig out your Julia Child book and make some crawfish butter.) You can also use chicken, cut into bite-sized pieces. Brown the chicken and proceed as in the other recipes.


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