Crawfish Étouffée
(from Perry Mark Glorioso, of Laplace, LA)

Perry's an old friend from back home whom I've known since we were 18 and freshmen at Lye-ola. He's a fellow La.-to-L.A. expat too, and has a fine étouffée recipe himself. It's presented here, as he wrote it out for me and stuck on our refrigerator when we were college roomies, with colorful instructions and descriptions intact. :-)

Melt butter in pot, add flour and stir like hell. Add onions, bell pepper, celery and garlic. Cook until tender, and keep stirring. Add crawfish fat, if possible, and cook down 10-15 minutes. Add tails and tomato paste, then add water. Cook down for 20 minutes or so, but be careful not to overdo it. Add salt and peppers to taste. Cook a little more, then add chopped green onion tops and parsley and cook till ready.

Note: Some directions and amounts are intentionally vague ... use the challenge.

Yield: Meal for 4 men or 6 pansies.


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