1930s Westinghouse model WR-177
Table radio

This small but neat looking table radio has so far eluded my attempts to date it; I've been unable to find it in any of the three radio pricing and identification guides that I have. If anyone knows when this radio was made, please drop me some email.

I'm guessing 1939 on this one, due to its model number being between a 1939 model and a 1949 model. It also seems to fit into that era with its wooden cabinet, two-tone wood, and the rather Deco-looking design of the needle on the dial, which almost looks like a miniature Empire State Building. The dial lights up nicely too.

The radio is 12-1/2" wide at the base by 8" high, and was purchased from Tim Moen of Burnsville, Minnesota (whose twin brother Tom sold me the Philco 40-100). Image is 91K.


Picture of Westinghouse WR-177
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