1940 Philco model 40-100
Table radio, battery-powered

This one looks practically brand-new out of the box. The dealer who sold it to me said he'd never seen a nicer Philco (and I'm partial to Philcos, myself). A battery-operated set like this was sometimes called a "farm radio", made for farmhouses that didn't have electricity. The Rural Electrification Project was proceeding full-speed before the war, and most big battery sets like this were phased out beginning in 1942 (when most radio manufacturing in America ceased anyway due to the war effort).

The chassis on this one's in great shape, but I'm not sure if it works 'cause I don't have the big old-fashioned type of battery that this model took. However, my friend Ben, who's an electronics whiz and who's really into old tube electronics, told me that without out too much trouble he could probably get this baby running for me on 5 "D" cells. cool!

The radio is 17" wide by 11" high, and was purchased from Tom Moen of New Hope, Minnesota (whose twin brother Tim sold me the Westinghouse). Image is 67K.


Picture of Philco 40-100

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