1934 Crosley model 5M3, the "Fiver"
Table radio, tombstone

This is a nifty little radio. I first saw it as a photograph, and for some reason I thought it'd be bigger. But it's small, a gorgeous little tombstone.

What struck me about this model was the beautiful burl wood on the front of the set, the chrome escutcheon, and the green lighted dial. Plus, it's got the original grille cloth, which is also beautiful and which is in great shape. It all works together to make a really good-looking set. Apparently Crosley made a couple of different models that were referred to as the "Fiver" (presumably because they were five-tube radios), but this is the one I've seen most often.

It needs a little cabinet refinishing work, and for that I'll probably be taking it to Jerry's Vintage Radios in Canyon Country, CA for a refinish job. When that's all done, I'll take a picture and put it up on this page. (The current picture's just a temp, so you can see more or less what my radio looks like).

The radio is 12" high by 9-1/2" wide. Image is 64K. Below the picture of the radio is a copy of an original ad for this radio. I'm not sure how much $19.99 in 1934 dollars would be today, but I'll bet it was a pretty penny in those days. For more information on many different models of Crosley radios, visit Jim Watson's excellent Crosley Antique Radio Page.


Picture of Crosley Fiver

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