1936 Philco model 84
Table radio, Art Deco-styled cathedral

Oh my. Will ya look at dis thing!

On Saturday, September 19, 1998, I attended my first antique radio sale/swap meet, the Southern California Antique Radio Fest. Boy, was it neat. I guess I expected it to be bigger than it was, but it was big enough for me to spend three hours there looking, learning, talking and, of course ... buying a radio.

I laid eyes on this one and knew instantly I had to have it. It was near the top of my want list, and it was lovingly and beautifully restored to brand-new-looking condition. The seller was someone I was looking for anyway -- Jerry Simpson, of Jerry's Vintage Radios in Canyon Country, California, and the founder of SCARF. I'd read about him on the SCARF web site and figured he'd be a good guy to meet. I figured right. We talked for a while, and I got some good advice from him and learned a great deal during just a short chat. He's been restoring the cabinetry as well as the electronics of antique radios for over 20 years, and from everything I can see, he da man! If you're in southern California and you collect vintage radios, get to know him. He guarantees his work, too. You can reach him at (805) 251-7829.

The radio is 14-1/2" high by 11-1/2" wide. The image I have up now isn't the exact radio I have, but a pic of the same model that I found somewhere and spruced up with Photoshop. I'll have a picture of my own radio as soon as I get the film developed and the pic scanned. Image is 64K.


Picture of Philco 84

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