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(From the list's welcome message by Laura Levy, edited/adapted by Chuck Taggart:)

"Passenger Side" (originally Postcard2, as it was an offshoot of the Postcard list) is the mailing list where Uncle Tupelo/Wilco/Son Volt fans (and others, of course) gather to talk about all of the other bands/artists they are listening to, in the roots country, alternative country and/or "insurgent" country styles -- a place for us all to learn from each other and share our opinions.

This is similar to what's being done in AOL's "No Depression" Folder, but it's available to anyone on the Internet without having to belong to AOL (eww). The definition of "alt.country" applies to the range of artists discussed but is not limited to that. Anything goes here, if you think it's worth talking about. We want the discussion to be available for all fans on the 'net and many of the ND folder regulars will be joining in here. The more the merrier ... or maybe just the more great music.

To subscribe to the list, email to listproc@u.washington.edu with the following:

          subscribe postcard2 (your name)

To signoff from the list, email to listproc@u.washington.edu with the following:

          signoff postcard2 (your name)
          unsubscribe postcard2 (your name)

To contribute to the list, please send e-mail to:


If you have any questions, please contact the list admin, Laura Levy <lal@drizzle.com> or the co-admin Don Yates <ctowndj@u.washington.edu>.

Postcard2 has also split off another list -- Stacey Taylor says:

The new list is called "p2ontour", and is not a discussion list but rather a tour update posting list, trying to make this info easier to locate. Our hope is that the p2 volume will decrease slightly, and that more people will actually hear about shows. The goal is to have everyone on p2 subscribe to it so that cross-posting is not a problem. Yah, right.

Loose mail:
address-- To: p2ontour-request@world.std.com
message-- subscribe

address-- To: p2ontour-digest-request@world.std.com
message-- subscribe

Stacey Taylor <staylor@world.std.com>

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