"Life is too short to eat bad food,
and that's why I don't eat at Subway."
-- Ed Branley

I agree. These turkeys don't even know how to cut their bread. What good is "fresh-baked" bread if the top part is falling apart in your hand? Whoever's idea it was to cut that little plug of bread out of the top of the loaf (ostensibly to "hold the fillings in") is an idiot. (The "fresh-baked" bread is gummy, besides.) And the fillings ... bland and mass-produced. Those chicken breasts taste like they were put through a deflavorizing machine. Blah!

It's bad enough that these places have spread across America ... but when I see someone in New Orleans walking into one, I don't know whether to feel disgust, pity, or whether I should just run up and smack them upside the head.

Patronize locally owned and run independent sandwich shops whenever possible. And when in New Orleans, if you want a sandwich, eat a po-boy. Don't eat at places like this. If you do, I'll know. My spies are everywhere.


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