Chicken Tikka Masala

Sent in by my "cousin" John Taggart in Scotland, who says, "You may well know this one, apparently the most popular restaurant dish in the UK. Invented by a [local] Bengali chef, it has now gone home and is the dish to eat in Delhi! I've never eaten the same recipe in two restaurants so here goes." Michael Hoffs of Glasgow adds that the dish was "invented in my lovely native city of Glasgow in the beautiful country of Scotland, when a customer at one of our better Indian restaurants asked for a gravy for the chicken he was eating. The chef invented, the now legendary, Chicken Tikka Masala."

1. Pulp together ginger/garlic and some salt - melt butter and fry onions until soft - add pulp and cook for few minutes.

2. Stir in all powdered spices and cook for few minutes.

3 Add juices and water to make a thick sauce. Warm through, then add cream and heat through gently.

4. Now add the cooked chicken and cook for 10 minutes in the sauce.

5. Stir in the ground almonds and simmer for 5 miutes or so.

Usually served with saffron rice and naan bread.

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