as served at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Terry Marks and Joe Gallo are both native New Orleanians. Joe's family was raised in Independence, Louisiana on their own strawberry farm. Terry and Joe own and operate GM Signs in Metairie as their primary business, but look forward every year to getting the concession trailer ready for the Jazz Fest. Joe's mother Frances and a host of Joe's aunts, uncles and other relatives and friends work for many hours before and during the Fest preparing the chocolate-dipped strawberries. At the Fest, Joe, Terry, their wives Dale Gallo and Linda Marks, and many friends and relatives work hauling ice, restocking supplies, making the Smoothies, and serving customers.

Special thanks to Joe and Terry for their kind permission to include this recipe, and to Larry Franz for contributing it.

Fresh Strawberry Smoothies

In a Vitamix machine or blender, place strawberries, honey and water. Blend at high speed while adding crushed ice to achieve desired consistency. Smoothie should be stiff enough to hold a straw, but still be pourable. It takes a little practice to get it just right. This will yield 4 to 5 (8 oz.) drinks.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Wash the strawberries well, but do not remove stems. Spread the berries on towels or absorbent paper in a single layer, and allow to air dry until all water has evaporated (chocolate will not adhere properly if the berries are damp). Melt 1/2 pound chocolate in a double boiler deep enough to cover strawberries. Holding the berries by the stem, hand dip each one 3/4 of the way up to the top. Place on waxed paper and allow to harden or refrigerate until hard. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.


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