I first heard of this idea when it was used as an ingredient at Emeril's Restaurant. I can't wait to play with it more now.

Use the bourbon when you want to preserve your black or white truffles and to add a perfume of truffle to dishes like truffled bourbon mashed sweet potatoes, or especially to sauces. Use vodka if you want a more neutral flavor to the alcohol, to let the truffle flavor shine through.

Use the sharpest possible knife to get paper-thin slices, or buy a specialty truffle slicer at a gourmet shop.

This product keeps indefinitely, and you don't have to take the truffle out afterwards. You can also mince up some of the preserved truffle to add to the dish.

Adapted from Jack Czarnecki's book A Cook's Book of Mushrooms, Artisan Publishing. Click on the title to mail-order this book.

Thinly slice the truffle and add to the liquor. Place in a jar with a rubber seal and allow the truffle flavor to steep into the liquor for at least one week before using.


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