From Chef Jay D. Wulf <>, on the Chefs and Cooks on the Internet Mailing List.

This isn't a Louisiana born-and-bred salad, but it looked so good I had to include it here. It makes me think a lot of local chefs and ingredients, though ... a goat cheese salad I once had at Emeril's, the fig-filled Italian cookies we get at Brocato's and from St. Joseph's altars, and piles of delicious Louisiana pecans ... mmmmmm. Here's Jay:

"Here was a new one on me...

"We took a wedge of montrachet, sprinkled it very sparingly with chopped rosemary and black pepper, drizzled it with extra-virgin olive oil and wrapped it all in a fig leaf. It went on the grill until it crisped up nicely and we then served it with a simple little salad of arugula, grilled onions and pecans. Wow, was that fig leaf fragrant!!!"

Who needs complex recipes when a simple description à la Escoffier will do? :^)

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