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There are an incredible number of marvelous books on Louisiana culture, music and cuisine. And I've bought lots of 'em. Those and the CDs are what I have instead of a savings account.

I've had lots of people write in and ask for book recommendations, so I thought I'd put up lists of books I've got and books I've read that I think you'd enjoy, with links for you to purchase them through, Earth's biggest bookstore.

If a title I recommend is not available through, I'll try to include mail-order information. But it's easy and safe to buy 'em here through Amazon, and the referral fees I get through books sold on this site help pay for this site. No, I'm not selling out, I just don't want this site to go away for lack of funding. Happy shopping!

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Books on Acadiana, Cajun Music and Culture
Learn about Acadiana -- the land, the people, the music.

Cookbooks on Creole and Cajun Cuisine
Try your hand at the best cuisine Louisiana has to offer,
plus lots of other cookbooks as well!

Books on New Orleans Music and Culture
From our own distinctive R&B to traditional jazz, to Mardi Gras and
Mardi Gras Indians, all about da greatest city in da woild.

Books on Roots and Traditional Music
From American folk and traditional, to African and Brazilian
and more music from around the world.

Lagniappe: Chuck's Other Recommended Books
A bizarrely eclectic batch of stuff I'm reading now, stuff I've read recently, and other
favorite books of mine. Check 'em out, you might just find someting really interesting.

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