We are pleased to announce that Jay Farrar's new album, Sebastopol, will be released on Artemis Records. Currently, the release date in the U.S. is September 25th. We will have more information on foreign territory release dates next week. But, as many of you know, a release date isn't always met due to missed deadlines, etc. So, don't be dismayed if the release is pushed back. Jay Farrar's recording agreement with Warner Bros. Records is officially over. He is now an Artemis Records recording artist.

On September 25th, a limited pressing of Jay's new album will be released. This edition will contain 3 bonus tracks, bringing the total number of songs to 17. The track listing is as follows:

1 - Feel Free
2 - Clear Day Thunder
3 - Voodoo Candle
4 - Barstow
5 - Damn Shame
6 - Damaged Son
7 - Prelude (Make It Alright)
8 - Dead Promises
9 - Feedkill Chain
10 - Make It Alright [bonus track]
11 - Fortissimo Wah (instrumental) [bonus track]
12 - Drain
13 - Different Eyes
14 - Outside The Door
15 - Equilibrium (instrumental) [bonus track]
16 - Direction
17 - Vitamins
Once this edition has sold out, the stores will be stocked with the 14-song album. So, be sure to get to the store on the release date!!!! As you may have already heard, the album features several familiar names: Jon Wurster of Superchunk, Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips, Matt Pence of Centro-Matic, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, and Kelly Joe Phelps. It was recorded at Jajouka over a period of several months in 2000 and produced by John Agnello and Jay.

Jay, accompanied by Mark Spencer (Blood Oranges), will tour the U.S. once the album is released. Here are the dates confirmed so far:

10/8 - Proud Larry's, Oxford, MS (300 capacity)
10/9 - Young Ave. Deli, Memphis, TN (700 cap)
10/10 - Music Zone, Asheville, NC (500 cap)
10/11 - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC (500 cap)
10/12 - Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA (1000 cap)
10/24 - Irving Plaza, New York, NY (1000 cap)
Since Jay is no longer a recording artist for Warner Bros., the web site (www.wbr.com/sonvolt) is outdated. However, you can still view the t-shirt designs at this site. Please be aware that the mailing list for merch and correspondence has changed to Son Volt, PO Box 3141, Jersey City, NJ 07303. If you would like to order merch, please e-mail me at grainelevator@mindspring.com so I can confirm that it's in stock. A new site for Jay is in the works and I will pass on details once I have them.

One of the most asked questions these days seems to be "What's going on with Son Volt?". Currently, there are no plans for Son Volt. As you can imagine we are concentrating on the release of Jay's new album. Please e-mail grainelevator@mindspring.com with any questions you may have. Also, please tell your friends about the new mailing list so they can subscribe. To subscribe, send an e-mail with no message to join-farrarlist@lyris.bestnet.net.


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