This was very kindly contributed by my friend Sarah Savoy of Eunice, Louisiana, whose father Marc concocted it. She says:

"Barbecueing in southwest Louisiana. We sit on the porch, swinging or rocking, with a couple fans blowing some of the 98° heat away from us. We talk, we play music, we read. Cooking outside keeps the heat out of the kitchen, so we often barbecue chicken, sausage, ribs, fish, steaks, etc., during the summer. You can't buy barbecue sauce like this at a grocery store. This is good, hearty, chunky, tangy sauce. Often, someone will have a late-night snack of this barbecue sauce spread on bread."

Combine all ingredients (except bread) in a very heavy, non-reactive pot. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until oil has separated from sauce and sauce is very thick (about 2 hours). Pour off the oil into a bowl and use it to baste the meat, once meat is half-cooked. Eat the remaining sauce spread on the bread.


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