This recipe came to me from Gina Michel in Germany, who demanded to know why I had Dutch and Hungarian recipes but no German ones (the very idea!). Her email userid of "MissBossyBoots" is quite apt. :-) Thanks, Gina!

"Let's start the German culinary world tour with this dessert. The 'Welfen' or 'Guelphs', once one of the most powerful dynasties of Europe, originally came from Southern Germany and Italy. Between 1714-1837 the Hannoverian Guelphs were also kings of Britain. The colors of the Guelphs are yellow and white and this is exactly what the dessert looks like! I grew up with this as I was born in Hannover, and my Grandmom always made it (of course I never was allowed too much of the yellow topping when I was little...)"

FOR THE WHITE PART OF THE DESSERT: Beat egg whites until very stiff. Mix 40g cornstarch with about 2-3 tbsp. from the milk. Bring remaining milk, vanilla sugar and salt to a boil. Add cornstarch/milk mixture , bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Take off the heat and fold in egg white with a wooden spoon until completely combined. Fill mixture in a GLASS BOWL (this is important, otherwise the colors will not show of in the end) and let it cool.

FOR THE YELLOW TOPPING: Combine egg yolks, 80 g sugar (generous 2 1/2 oz.), lemon juice, wine and cornstarch (which has been mixed with a little wine). Bring to a boil SLOWLY over medium heat. Pass thru a sieve and pour on top of the white base.

NOTE: I usually make twice the amount of the topping for a single pudding - because I am an addict and it tastes much better with lots of it... The vanilla sugar is sold in small packages over here, containing about 1 tbsp. of sugar with vanilla essence. 1 tbsp. regular sugar and some "real" vanilla will do just as well, if not better.

All the best from Germany from Gina :-)

YIELD: Serves about 4-6, or about half the number when the people are addicted to it.


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