Fine Bourbon whiskey, a little simple syrup, very gently bruised mint, lots of crushed ice, and lots more mint on top. That's all there is to it. That's how it's done.

I've been served some damned poor excuses for what some people dared to call a "Mint Julep" in my day, and it put me off them completely for years. I thought I hated them. It turned out to be as simple thing, though -- I had just never had one made properly.

I can't do it justice here. I now place you in the masterful hands of the man who's perhaps the finest bartender in the City of New Orleans, Mr. Chris McMillian. You will never have a finer mint julep, or a finer mint julep experience, than ordering one of them from him. Don't be in a hurry; it takes time. Don't be in a hurry with this drink, either.


Sip it and dream.

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