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Bia agus deoch, ceol agus craic.

  Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Digital Dish is here!   Upstart publisher and editor (and Looka! reader) Owen Linderholm emailed me several months ago about an idea he had -- a book that would include food writing from a wide variety of food-related weblogs. I was honored to be asked to contribute, and now after lots of hard work, the fruit of our labor is ready for harvest.

Digital Dish

Digital Dish: Five Seasons of the Freshest Recipes and Writing from Food Blogs Around the World was published last week, and is available for order now. Besides myself, there are over 20 other food webloggers participating. It's a great idea -- food writing is forever, in my opinion, whereas a great deal of weblog writing is as ephemeral as it gets -- and a terrific project; I hope you'll buy one (or several!) Here's a little preview: the book's introduction, and profiles of all the participating weblogs and their authors (.pdf file).

Digital Dish is $19.95, plus $5 for handling and 2-day shipping (CA residents will add sales tax). For shipments outside the U.S., it's a US$11 fee for shipping.

Click this button for shipping within the U.S.:
or this button for shipments outside the U.S.:

Although it's listed at Amazon, please buy it here, 'cause that way I get the money for it, rather than the huge evil faceless corporation. Hey, ain't nothin' wrong with an author gettin' paid!

I'd be honored and thrilled to have my writing on your bookshelf, and not just as a fleeting glance at a transitory page on your computer monitor. It feels good to be published. Enjoy!

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