For Louisiana expatriates like me, the ability to obtain the foodstuffs of our homeland is of paramount importance. Whether it's a good Creole or Cajun place to eat out, or a place to get the proper ingredients for cooking ourselves, we've gotta have 'em if we're gonna be happy out here. Los Angeles does not disappoint in that regard.

For the L.A. resident in general, we also offer a list of great restaurants (from the deep down in the neighborhood joints where you might need to know another language, to the five-star restaurants) and cool bars where it's as much fun to just hang out as it to drink. All of these listings are, of course, heavily biased by my tastes and that of my friends who've made contributions here, but I think that if you check out some of these places, you won't go wrong. Have fun!

Creole and Cajun food in Greater L.A.
From the South Bay to Altadena, there's plenty of good food to be had. Check out my listing, reviews and recommendations.

Where to get snoballs in Los Angeles
There are a few stands here and there, and they tend to be out of the way. I'll gather addresses here as I stumble across them, but y'know ... if you're a native New Orleanian, sometimes during hot weather there ain't nothin' that'll do it like a snoball (with condensed milk!).

  • New Orleans Snoballs, 8714 Santa Fe Ave., South Gate, (323) 357-9799 (closed Mondays).
  • NOLA Ice, 13569 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, (818) 817-9373.

Chuck's other recommended restaurants in Greater L.A.
I like to eat. I'll start building this list of some of my favorite places to eat in L.A. Perpetually unfinished, so try not to complain too much.

Los Angeles and the Southland's non-commercial radio stations
Cajun andZydeco in Los Angeles
Information on regular music and dancing events.

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