I know. Boring page title. Gimme some time.

For a long time now, The Gumbo Pages has been the primary repostory of my writing. Thing is, not much of it seems to be what I've been referring to as "independent writing"; that is, stuff I write that's not associated with a recipe, a record review, or what have you. And I've been itching to do more writing like that.

While I continue with my ongoing attempt to schedule time in my life for all the things I want to do, I thought I'd at least prime the pump by creating a gathering place of various different things I've written on this site that aren't a recipe or record review, some of which might have been hidden in the more obscure nooks and crannies of this ever-growing and frighteningly large web site with which I seem to have saddled myself.

Expect essays, random thoughts, rants and raves, and if I'm really brave, maybe something a little bit more creative. Also expect this to be the section of my site that start out the thinnest and that's updated the least. It's that damned time management thing again ...

Okay, let's go.


Andouillette. Ick.
I don't like tripe. It's an "acquired" taste that I want to acquire about as much as one for a big stinky pile of cow's stomach lining (which is what it is). Mix that with some even stinkier chitterlings and you've got a French ... um, delicacy. (Faire le barph.)

The Crawfish-Sea Urchin Incident.
Where Louisianian and Japanese culinary traditions collided head-on, and there were no survivors.

Why America Online pisses me off.
Oh, let me count the ways... and that's just the merest beginning. Adapted from a review I wrote for epinions.com a few years back.

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