Topsoil Playlist for July 16, 1995
"Topsoil" - KSCU Santa Clara, California.
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Steve Gardner

Sunday 3-6pm
July 16, 1995

Last weekend I was at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.  It was
life changing for me.  I am on a bluegrass high like never before.  My
wife and I packed my daughter and Chuck Taggart into our cars and headed
to Hollister.  Chuck and my daughter were very good on the way.  My
daughter was an angel but Chuck kept asking "When are we going to be
there?" over and over.  Those Louisiana boys sure are whimps when it
comes to road trips....but I digress...

The festival went on for three days and there was continuous music the
whole time....24 hours a day.  We all agreed that this is what heaven is
going to be like.  The best bluegrass band of the weekend.....the Sunset

Well, now I need to scrounge up a ton of bluegrass albums to recreate
this feeling on my show.  Wish me luck.

This shift feature not one, but two djs.  Chef Chuck Taggart from Gumbo
fame not only cooked me dinner twice over the weekend but he also joined
me for my shift this week.  We were quite a sight.  We had just gotten
back from the festival and hadn't showered or shaved in three days...all
this with a weekend of 107 degree temps.  It was pretty ugly....and so
were we.

At the end of my shift I found out that the next dj had quit.  This is
actually good news.  Now, John Patterson (a lurker on this list) will get
his first shift ever.  He's gonna be doing a country show and I am really
looking forward to it.  Wow, two shifts that play country on a punk rock
station....we're taking over! :)

Enough yapping, on to the music.

ARTIST                                 Song
Album                                  LABEL
UNCLE TUPELO                           Sandusky
March 16-20, 1992                      ROCKVILLE
[Opening Theme for Topsoil]

MCCOURY BROTHERS                       Cheap Love Affair
McCoury Brothers                       ROUNDER
[This album has grown on me so much since its reissue that it is now one
of my favorite bluegrass posessions.  I've heard Arthur (or was it John?)
talk about how great Del McCoury is and I'm not sure why I didn't listen
before. I guess I should learn my lesson and just go out and buy his
other fave, the Chestnut Grove Quartet right away.]

Live at the Opry                       MCA

DREADFUL SNAKES                        Who's That Knocking At My Door
Snakes Alive!                          ROUNDER
[This is another good reissue that I've been listening to a lot lately.]

MARK SCHATZ                            Julie's Waltz
Brand New Old Tyme Way                 ROUNDER
[Chuck wanted to play a set of Celtic music next so I decided to play a
few transitional pieces.]

FRANKIE LANE                           An Droichead
Dobro                                  GAEL-LINN
[This was Chuck's addition to the transitional set.  Celtic music with]

BENTON FLIPPEN                         Fisher's Hornpipe
Old Time New Times                     ROUNDER

PLANXTY                                The Lady on the Island
After the Break                        TARA
[This started the Celtic set.]

OSSIAN                                 John Todd/Far From Home
Light on a Distant Shore               IONA

THE BUCKS                              The Bucks Set
Dancin' to the Ceili Band              WEA UK

MARTIN SIMPSON                         Lakes of Ponchartrain
The Collection                         THUNDERBIRD
[Now Chuck wanted to play some cajun tunes so here was my transitional
set for that.]

CLAIRE LYNCH                           Thibodaux
Moonlighter                            ROUNDER

CHRIS GAFFNEY                          East of Houston, West of Baton
Loser's Paradise                       HIGHTONE

JOSEPH FALCON                          Lafayette
Louisiana Cajun Music Vol 1            OLD TIMEY
[Chuck started the Cajun set with the very first cajun tune ever

En Bas Du Chene                        ARHOOLIE

STEVE RILEY AND THE MAMOU PLAYBOYS     Ca tu dis et ca tu fais sont pas
La Toussaint                           ROUNDER

Together                               ROUNDER
[I started another bluegrass set with a song we heard a lot at the jams
at the festival.]

OSBORNE BROTHERS                       Rocky Top
Appalachian Stomp                      RHINO
[This song was played at the festival by a great band of youngsters
(about 10 to 13 years old) called the walkabout string band.  Their
parents must be proud.]

RUSTY YORK                             Dixie Strut
The Best of Bluegrass                  MERCURY

BLUE MOUNTAIN                          Blue Canoe
Dog Days                               ROADRUNNER
[A set of country rock.]

UNCLE TUPELO                           New Madrid
Anodyne                                SIRE
[Chuck and I met through Uncle Tupelo.  I figured it was only right that
we should each pick a UT song to play.  This was Chuck's pick.]

UNCLE TUPELO                           Shaky Ground
March 16-20, 1992                      ROCKVILLE
[And this was my just so happened we both played songs about
the earth shaking.]

PETER OSTROUSHKO                       Hey Good Looking
Down the Streets of My Old Neighborhood  ROUNDER
[Chuck wanted to play a set of goofy covers.  This one was the Hank
Williams Ukrainian.]

COWBOY MOUTH                           Don't Come Home A Drinkin
Mouthing Off                           MONKEY HILL

MOVIE STARS                            Chords of Fame
Head on a Platter                      WHIRLAWAY
[A really good Phil Ochs cover.]

MOLLYS                                 Old Tramp Steamer
Tidings of Comfort and Joy             MOLLYS
[This was a transitional song to another set of Celtic music.]

BRENDAN O'REGAN                        Oval Mountain/Road Home
A Wind of Change                       MULLIGAN

SILLY WIZARD                           The Queen of Argyll
Live Wizardry                          GREEN LINNET

RUNRIG                                 Tir an Airm
Recovery                               RIDGE

STEVE JORDAN                           El Alacran
The Return of El Parche                ROUNDER
[Chuck here started a set of music in Spanish.]

THE IGUANAS                            Ven a Bailar
Nuevo Boogaloo                         MCA

MALDITA VECINDAD                       Pata de Perro
El Circo                               BMG/ARIOLA

STANLEY BROS & CLINCH MTN BOYS         I Long To See The Old Folks
Best of Bluegrass                      MERCURY
[And more bluegrass to end the shift.]

COUNTRY GENTLEMEN                      Handsome Molly
Country Songs Old and New              SMITHSONIAN/FOLKWAYS

DON STOVER                             Birdie
Things in Life                         ROUNDER

JD CROWE AND THE NEW SOUTH             When the Angels Carry Me Home
Flashback                              ROUNDER

RICE BROTHERS                          Sawing on the Strings
2                                      ROUNDER

JOE CARR AND ALAN MUNDE                Forked Deer
Windy Days and Dusty Skies             FLYING FISH

JIMMY MARTIN                           You Don't Know My Mind
Appalachian Stomp                      RHINO

HERB PEDERSEN                          Your Love is Like a Flower
Lonesome Feeling                       SUGAR HILL
[From the Laurel Canyon Ramblers.  I actually like the LCR record better
than this solo album.]

LAUREL CANYON RAMBLERS                 Rambler's Blues
Rambler's Blues                        SUGAR HILL
[Gotta ramble...]

Comments? Questions?

Steve Gardner