'Twas a day in November,
A day to remember,
A day when Chuck's birthday was here.
When out of the blue,
A friend named Jeff, who,
Appeared bearing lox, bagels and beer.
Claimed Jeff, "It won't do,
This gumbo-type stew,
Sit down, have a nosh and a brew."

"Are you crazy?" Chuck bellowed,
(He's usually mellow),
"I cannot drink beer and eat lox.
I've got no Tabasco,
No cajeta, alas oh,
And besides, I'm not wearing red socks!"

"Aha!" countered Jeff
As he leapt to the desk,
And drew forth a present quite swiftly.
"Tabasco ain't happenin'
And cajeta is fattenin',
But with these you'll be looking quite nifty!"

So down they both sat
And proceeded to chat,
While stuffing their faces with glee;
When Jeff turned to Chuck
With a slap and a yuck, cried
"The best part, it's totally free!"

-- by Jeffrey Mandelbaum
   November 11, 1992

A note of explanation: Yes, yes, I'm aware that this is not in strict limerick format. I don't care.

"Cajeta" is a Mexican goat's milk caramel to which I am severely addicted.

I am also in the habit of wearing red socks, which go with everything because they don't go with anything. That's what Jeff gave me for my birthday that year.

Jeff passed away from lymphoma in March of 1995, and I miss him very much.

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