Dutch Buttercake, or Gâteau au Beurre

Another one from my pal Michel van der Laan in the Netherlands. Don't make this if you're on some kind of fat- or cholesterol-restricted diet. Ye gods.

(Help for the metric-challenged.)

Put the flour, the sugar and about 3/4 of the eggs in a bowl, and the (cold) butter on top. Cut the butter into small parts/dices, and mix it through the the other ingredients as you slice and dice it. Eventually, mix it all together until you get a crumbled dough. Put the dough into a baking disk or right onto a baking tray and spread it (while firmly pushing it together) until you get a layer of about 1/2 inch thick.

Cover the dough with the remaing 1/4 part of the eggs and smear it out evenly (somewhat mixing with the upper layer of the dough) with a spoon. Be artistic with a fork or a knife and draw some diamonds in the dough.

Bake it in an oven at 200° Celsius for about 25 minutes (adjust time to the amount of dough and the thickness of the layer). Let it cool off (if you're impatient, in the fridge) and enjoy. (If you eat it while still warm, and like it, then you have a strong stomach).

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